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DIAK is an Apsaalooke word, meaning “To make.”

To make something, to create something, that wasn’t there before, and to take on the honor and responsibility for its effect on everything and every life that it touches. It is a gift, and a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

DIAK Architects is a Full-Service Native Woman Owned Architectural Firm, a leading design firm that specializes in producing a wide range of innovative architectural and interior design applications. We design through collaboration and dialogue, by exploring building performance and expression to extend our clients’ vision. We focus on merging the creative, intellectual, and technological design processes with intelligent fabrication and construction techniques to create beautifully crafted designs. We tailor solutions to meet every client’s needs, our goal is to enhance the experience of the built environment and achieve the extraordinary to inspire those who inhabit our unique groundbreaking work.   

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